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Guide to
Frequently Mispronounced
Congressional Names

an excerpt from the new book

Congressional Deskbook
2003-2004 Edition / 108th Congress

by Michael J. Koempel and Judy Schneider

INTRODUCTION Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004

Can you say Kleczka? How about Faleomavaega? The excerpt that follows is from the massive new book, Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004. It is a guide to the pronunciation of difficult Congressional names, including representatives, senators, delegates, and others who wield influence on Capitol Hill.

The authors of the Congressional Deskbook work for the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, a division of the Library of Congress. They begin the Guide to Pronunciation of Congressional Names with an eloquent statement about the incredibly open legislative process in the United States. Yes, YOU can influence Congress at almost any stage of the legislative process -- BUT you're only going to get a few minutes to state your case. You might want to start by getting the name right.

The Congressional Deskbook is an amazing resource treasured by Congressional insiders and, therefore, coveted by people who want to influence them. It provides a stunning array of detailed information to make your five minutes matter. More information about the Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004 follows the excerpt.

Guide to Frequently Mispronounced Congressional Names

by Michael J. Koempel and Judy Schneider

Preface: Congress as an Open Institution

The founding fathers created an open institution, and the men and women who have served in Congress have fostered that openness. The Capitol and congressional office buildings are physically open to visitors every day. Even with the increased security concerns following the tragic events in the fall of 2001, Congress has tried to accommodate its own and the citizenry's desire to meet and visit and observe in the Capitol and the congressional office buildings.

All but a few committee meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend, and the rules of the House and Senate essentially require meetings to be open. One can sit in the House and Senate visitors' galleries and watch floor proceedings, or stay at home or at the office and watch the proceedings live on television.

Journalists have ready access to members, committee meetings, and floor proceedings, and report news in every medium. Votes cast by individual members in committee and on the House floor are readily available to the public in both congressional documents and private publications.

Congress is open through its individual members and their Washington and district or state staffs. Anyone can request a meeting with his or her representative or senator, and will be accommodated if at all possible. A constituent, a lobbyist, or an administration representative will be received; virtually no caller is turned away. With its openness, Congress mediates between the federal government and the American people.

Frequently Mispronounced Congressional Names
(Alphabetical by last name)
Member Name Pronunciation
Res. Cmmsr. Anibal Acevedo-Vila AH-nee-baahl Ah-sah-VAY-dough VEE-la
Rep. Robert B. Aderholt, R ADD-er-holt
Rep. Spencer Bachus, R BACK-us
Sen. Evan Bayh, D BY
Rep. Bob Beauprez, R BO-pray
Rep. Xavier Becerra, D HAH-vee-air beh-SEH-ra
Rep. Doug Bereuter, R BEE-right-er
Rep. Michael Bilirakis, R bil-lee-RACK-us
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D BLUE-men-hour
Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, R BO-lert
Rep. John A. Boehner, R BAY-ner
Rep. Henry Bonilla, R bo-NEE-uh
Rep. John Boozman, R BOZE-man
Del. Madeleine Z. Bordallo, D bore-DAHL-ee-oh
Rep. Rick Boucher, D BOUGH-cher
Sen. John B. Breaux, D BRO
Rep. Steve Buyer, R BOO-yer
Rep. Michael E. Capuano, D KAP-you-AH-no
Rep. Steve Chabot, R SHAB-butt
Sen. Lincoln Chafee, R CHAY-fee
Rep. Saxby Chambliss, R SAX-bee CHAM-bliss
Rep. Chris Chocola, R Cha-KO-luh
Sen. John Cornyn, R CORE-nin
Sen. Jon Corzine, D COR-zyne
Sen. Michael D. Crapo, R CRAY-poe
Rep. Joseph Crowley, D KRAU-lee
Rep. Barbara Cubin, R CUE-bin
Sen. Tom Daschle, D DASH-el
Rep. Peter A. DeFazio, D da-FAH-zee-o
Rep. Diana DeGette, D de-GET
Rep. Bill Delahunt, D DELL-a-hunt
Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D da-LAUR-o
Rep. Peter Deutsch, D DOYCH
Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R DEE-az baa-LART
Sen. Pete V. Domenici, R da-MEN-ih-chee
Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers, R AY-lurz
Sen. Michael B. Enzi, R EN-zee
Rep. Anna G. Eshoo, D EH-shoo
Del. Eni F.H. Faleomavaega, D EN-ee FOL-ee-oh-mav-ah-ENG-uh
Rep. Chaka Fattah, D SHOCK-ah fa-TAH
Sen. Russell D. Feingold, D FINE-gold
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D FINE-stine
Rep. Vito J. Fossella, R VEE-toe Fuh-SELL-ah
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R FREE-ling-high-zen
Rep. Elton Gallegly, R GAL-uh-glee
Rep. Jim Gerlach, R GER-lahk
Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., R GOOD (rhymes with "food")
Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte, R GOOD-lat
Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, D gree-HAHL-va
Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, D loo-EES goo-tee-AIR-ez
Rep. Gil Gutknecht, R GOOT-neck
Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, D ru-BEN ee-na-HO-suh
Rep. Joseph M. Hoeffel, D HUFF-ull
Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R HOOK-struh
Rep. John Hostettler, R HO-stet-lur
Rep. Amo Houghton, R HO-tun
Rep. Kenny Hulshof, R HULLZ-hoff
Sen. James M. Inhofe, R IN-hoff
Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, D in-NO-ay
Rep. Darrell Issa, R EYE-sah
Rep. Ernest Istook, R IZ-took
Rep. Gerald D. Kleczka, D KLETCH-kuh
Rep. Jim Kolbe, R COLE-bee
Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, D ku-SIN-itch
Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, D LAN-drew
Rep. Jim Langevin, D LANN-juh-vinn
Rep. Steven C. LaTourette, R la-TUR-et
Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo, R lo-bee-ON-dough
Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D ZO
Rep. Nita M. Lowey, D LOW-ee
Rep. Donald Manzullo, R man-ZOO-low
Rep. Michael Michaud, D MISH-you
Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D NAD-ler
Rep. Bob Ney, R NAY
Rep. David R. Obey, D OH-bee
Rep. Doug Ose, R OH-see
Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., D pa-LOAN
Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D pas-KRELL
Rep. Ed Pastor, D pas-TORE
Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D pa-LOH-see
Rep. Tom Petri, R PEE-try
Rep. Richard W. Pombo, R POM-bo
Rep. George P. Radanovich, R Ruh-DON-o-vitch
Rep. Ralph Regula, R REG-you-luh
Rep. Denny Rehberg, R REE-berg
Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D sil-VES-treh RAY-ess (rolled 'R')
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R ROAR-ah-BAH-ker
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R il-ee-AH-na ross-LAY-tin-nen
Sen. Rick Santorum, R san-TORE-um
Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D shuh-KOW-ski
Rep. Jose E. Serrano, D ho-ZAY sa-RAH-no (rolled 'R')
Rep. John Shadegg, R SHAD-egg
Rep. John Shimkus, R SHIM-kus
Rep. Hilda L. Solis, D soh-LEEZ
Rep. Mark Souder, R SOW (rhymes with "now")-dur
Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D STAB-uh-now
Rep. Bart Stupak, D STEW-pack
Rep. Tom Tancredo, R tan-CRAY-doe
Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher, D TAU (rhymes with "how")-sher
Rep. Billy Tauzin, R TOE-zan
Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R TEE-hart
Rep. Pat Tiberi, R TEA-berry
Rep. Nydia M. Velazquez, D NID-ee-uh veh-LASS-kez
Rep. Peter J. Visclosky, D vis-KLOSS-key
Rep. Anthony Weiner, D WEE-ner
Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D WOOL-zee

About the Book

Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004

Congressional Deskbook
2003-2004 Edition
108th Congress

by Michael L. Koempel and Judy Schneider
Published by TheCapitol.Net
(ISBN 1-58733-004-0, paperback, 656 pages, $79.50)
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"Chock full of information that no one else has ever pulled together. It will prove valuable to anyone who has an interest in the legislative branch."

"No personal, professional, academic, or community library political science collection can be considered complete without the inclusion of the Congressional Deskbook."
-- Wisconsin Bookwatch

The Congressional Deskbook is the most comprehensive, one- volume guide ever produced about the U.S. Congress, providing government professionals, journalists and citizens both a complete resource for understanding the inner-workings of our legislative branch and an up-to-date almanac of the current Congress.

The Congressional Deskbook is full of information that no one else has ever compiled in one volume. This book is a must-buy for political reporters, congressional offices, federal employees, government professionals and any citizen who wants to know how their government works.

The Congressional Deskbook covers all the bases, including legislative and budget processes; special procedures and procedural strategies; the forms and impact of political competition on Capitol Hill; overviews of the election, lobbying, and ethics laws and rules that regulate congressional behavior; congressional relations with the president, executive branch, federal courts, and states; the work of membership, leadership and administrative offices; the variety of congressional documents; and how to conduct research on Congress. New in the 2003-2004 edition: Budget Process Flowchart, a significantly revised Budget chapter, and a revised Legislative Research chapter!

1: Being a Member of Congress
2: Pressures on Congress: Campaigns and Elections
3: Pressures on Congress: Constituents, Media, President, and Courts
4: Pressures on Congress: Lobbying and Congressional Ethics
5: Supporting Congress: Allowances and Staff
6: Supporting Congress: The Capitol Complex
7: Organizing Congress: Members, Leaders, and Committees
8: Legislating in Congress: Legislative Process
9: Legislating in Congress: Federal Budget Process
10: Legislating in Congress: Special Procedures and Considerations
11: Congressional Documents: Overview, Legislation, and Laws
12: Congressional Documents: Committee, Chamber, Party, and Administrative Publications
13: Legislative Research: Private and Government Information Providers
14: Legislative Research: How to Monitor and Research Congress
15: Putting It All Together: A Working Example
Appendices (Congressional Room and Telephone Directories)
Table of Web Sites

About the Authors

Michael L. Koempel is a Senior Specialist in American National Government and Judy Schneider is a Specialist on Congress, both with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in the Library of Congress.

TheCapitol.Net is a non-partisan firm based in the Washington, D.C., area offering legislative, budget, media, writing and research training and information for government and business leaders, and the exclusive provider of Congressional Quarterly Executive Conferences.

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