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Manager of an Online Publicity Department

Here is a list of responsibilities for the manager of an online publicity department. The list is cobbled together from job descriptions I've used or seen online. Once again, the responsibilities of online publicity manager can be handled by a PR, publicity, or marketing manager if you don't have a separate online publicity department.

* Budgeting for the Department

- annual budget, quarterly budget

- schedule of hardware and software upgrades

- presenting results analysis to management

* Staffing the Department

- preparing job descriptions

- gathering resumes and interviewing

- finding, evaluating, and hiring freelancers

- contracting with ad agencies, pr firms, or consultants

- performance reviews

* Training the Staff

- skills assessment

- budgeting time for training

- cross-training: everyone teaches everyone else

* Determining the Schedule

- annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly projects

- distributing projects among staff (and re-distributing)

- time sheet analysis; estimating time per task

* Overseeing the Campaigns Designed by Staff

- modifying and approving campaign plans

- final review of all campaign materials

- internal advocacy and external defender

- modifying campaigns and developing new ones

- protecting copyrights, securing legal review

* Handling Problems

- ultimate authority for dispute resolution ("buck stops here")

- dealing with recurring tech troubles

- defending the department from external and internal attacks

- boosting morale and defusing interpersonal staff conflicts

* Interface with IT Department

- arranging for adequate systems & support

- scheduling training for staff, managers

- building and debugging databases

- procedures for updating the web site

- bulk e-mail set-up and troubleshooting

- graphics support and building web page promotions

* Coordination with Publicity, Marketing, and PR

- supporting and reflecting corporate-wide marketing goals

- online advertising support for campaigns

- sharing media relations with PR

- team approach to web design and maintenance

* Personal Involvement with Top Publicity Prospects

- negotiating major publicity partnership deals

- responding to major media inquiries


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