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Online Publicity Manager for an Ad Agency, PR Firm, or Marketing Communications Company

Managers of online publicity departments for advertising agencies, PR firms, marketing communications companies, or consulting firms have to add selling responsibilities to the above list. Marketing the department's services to clients and prospects can easily consume between 25% and 50% of a manager's time, so it's no small achievement to add this to the above list of responsibilities. Usually, agency managers can count on more tightly-integrated support from IT, and may benefit from having dedicated business development people. Also, some of the selling responsibilities belong to the writer/creators--the AEs and publicists--especially when it comes to generating repeat business from existing clients. Additional agency manager responsibilities include:

* Marketing the Department

- public speaking engagements

- trade show and convention attendance

- writing articles

- participating in online chats and discussion groups

* Pitching New Prospects

- fielding introductory inquiries

- drafting proposals and presenting them

- hand-holding during initial campaigns

* Pitching Existing Clients

- lead client liaison during major campaigns

- drafting proposals for repeat business

- upselling and cross-selling services

* Teaching AEs and Publicists How to Sell

- getting new business from existing clients

- drafting proposals for new prospects

* Documenting Results for Campaigns

- designing results package that client gets


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