Index to The Job Descriptions
My publisher had to cut these job descriptions from Complete Guide to Internet Publicity due to space limitations. They're obviously meant as guidelines only.

  • Manager of an Online Publicity Department
    Responsibilities for the manager of an in-house online publicity department. These tasks also apply to the Agency Manager, below -- who has the added responsibilities of selling.

  • Online Publicity Manager for an Ad Agency, PR Firm, or Marketing Communications Company
    Managers of online publicity departments for advertising agencies, PR firms, marketing communications companies, or consulting firms have all the responsibilities of the in-house department manager, plus these selling-related responsibilities

  • Publicist or AE Job Descriptions
    Client-side publicists create the materials for each campaign, execute the campaigns, and document the results. Agency publicists (or AEs) have additional selling responsibilities.

  • Support Staff
    Support staff is both clerical (office administration) and technical (routine online activities).

  • Working With Freelancers
    Freelancers are extremely useful for an online publicity operation, and are underused by companies on both the client side and agency side.

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