Signed work order required 90 days in advance.
Prices subject to change - please check for updates.
Last Updated: May 15, 2008

Every book deserves a proper introduction to the marketplace. Our campaigns are designed to generate online awareness for your book during the crucial 30 to 90 days your book is new in stores. You get an intense burst of online publicity, permanent installations that boost your visibility, and author training that lasts a lifetime.

Our goal is to make a spectacle without doing anything unethical. We won't post fake reviews, send unsolicited commercial email, or blog in the author's name. We take pains to bring your book to the attention of those who are interested without bothering those who aren't. It's a fine line. We walk it like Wallendas.

  • Publishing Partners Program (Save 20%!)
  • We value our Publishing Partners who work with us season after season. To thank these clients and encourage new Publishing Partners, we offer a 20% discount when three or more campaigns are booked at once.

  • Blog Buddy ($9,500)
  • We are very proud of this novel campaign. The Blog Buddy campaign won the 2008 Bulldog Reporter Award for PR Innovation of the Year. The Blog Buddy pairs your author with a "blog warrior" for a month of guided mayhem. This campaign requires a strong commitment by the author: one hour every working day for a month (20 daily sessions). Blog Buddy will help you make a lasting contribution to the Internet while learning how to responsibly promote your books, your business, and yourself.

    Coolhunting by Peter F. Gloor The Oil and The Glory by Steve Levine Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny Not My Turn To Die by Savo Heleta Endings by Barbara Bergin

  • Blog Tour ($9,500)
  • The Blog Tour is designed for celebrities, CEOs, and others who don't have time to blog but want to be on the top sites. We have been producing blog tours, chat tours, and online seminars since 1995 for children's books, health & fitness, business, religion -- you name it. The Blog Tour is the most difficult campaign to produce and requires a signed contract 90 days in advance.

    The Price of Liberty  by Robert D. Hormats

  • News Summary Blog ($4500 - $7,500 - $10,000 for 30 - 60 - 90 days)
  • We set up a blog for the book or manage yours. We draft one news summary post related to your book every working day. Each post contains at least one news citations and one copyright-licensed image. We manage comments and clean spam.

    Annick LIVEBrary Blog Health Care Reform Now! Blog Radio2020 Blog

  • Blog Outreach ("BlogOut") ($4500 - $7,500 for 30 - 60 days)
  • We surf the news and make an average of three media contacts a day, every working day, offering active bloggers, journalists, experts, and celebrities in your field a review copy of your book. Contact database and tracking reports updated weekly and available online to anyone on your team.

    Health Care Reform Now! By George C. Halvorson

  • NEW! Video Production & Syndication Package ($4500 or $9500)
  • Includes half-day taping session with the author(s) or spokesperson(s) for the book. Motion picture quality camera, lighting, and sound. We edit to a two-minute video trailer. Trailer is turned into a high-resolution, high-quality DVD for inclusion in press kits and pitching talk show hosts. Trailer is also rendered as a web video and syndicated to video sharing services including YouTube, iTunes, Google Video, AOL Video, MSN Video, Yahoo, Guba, and Buzznet.

    Chuck Panozzo of Styx

  • NEW! Podcast Production & Syndication Package ($950)
  • We interview the author or spokesperson for up to one hour over a landline phone connection. The interview is conducted with a professional interviewer and an audio engineer and recorded to miniDV tape for the highest quality reproduction. We edit the interview to a 5-minute or shorter podcast, then add voiceovers and copyright-legal music. Upon approval, we upload the podcast to iTunes and syndicate it to other podcast portals.

    Annick Press LIVEBrary

  • Larger Campaigns
  • Over $15,000 budget. $1,500 planning fee due in advance. See "case histories" for samples of large, innovative campaigns. Services we can provide or manage include:
    • Series, Imprint, or Brand Campaigns with Multiple Books
    • Online Television and Radio Show Production
    • Distance Learning Products including Workshops, Seminars, and Classes
    • In-House Training and Remote Support for Your Online PR Team
    • And More: Cool Contests, Silly Games, Stupid Web Tricks, etc.

  • Terms
    • Signed work order required to schedule work.
    • 90 days advance notice required for all campaigns.
    • 50% down payment due in advance, balance billed on launch date or monthly.

    Prices subject to change without notice. To protect yourself from price increases and secure your desired launch dates, we need signed Work Orders 90 days in advance.

  • Other Vendors
  • Don't get ripped off. Educate yourself about options and services. Ask for samples and references. Check references. Here are other vendors we have worked with and whose work we highly recommend. We do not accept referral fees nor are we responsible if your experiences with these vendors differ from ours.

    Some people who deserve to be on this list don't want referrals and have had their names removed. We only list vendors we have personally worked with. If you want to get your name on or off this list, talk to Steve O'Keefe.

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