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People Love It!

"This book is the most important marketing resource in print today!"
-- BBL Internet Media

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your amazing book. I'm a public relations consultant. Your book has been my Bible, survival kit, and warm teddy bear of security. I'm interested in purchasing additional copies. Everyone here wants to use it and I won't let it go!"
-- Cindy Railing
Account Supervisor
DuDell & Associates, Inc.

"Your book was the answer to my prayers. It is SO well organized and put together that the most difficult thing about reading it, was trying to decide what NOT to underline. Right now I am putting together a presentation for my bosses on the Registration campaign. Everything is coming from your book. You have done me and mine a GREAT service, and I hope to someday have the pleasure of shaking your hand."
-- Dan Barrett

"Steve O'Keefe's Publicity on the Internet is a great book."
-- Jill Ellsworth
Co-Author of Marketing on the Internet

"I've read over 100 books on the Internet over the past four years, and Publicity on the Internet is one of my two favorites!"
-- David Scott Lewis
President, Strategies & Technology
The Internet Marketing Consultancy

"Written in a lucid, engaging style and grounded by thorough research and the author's extensive real world experience, I can't imagine a better constructed guide to this dynamic and complex field."
-- Ken McCarthy
President, E-Media

"I must tell you how helpful your book has been - I mean tremendously....Know that your book sits next to my dictionary -- top reference material for sure!"
-- Todd Doane
Marketing/Publicity Division
The Porticus Group, Atlanta, Georgia

"Publicity on the Internet is a really excellent book, one of the best I have seen on any topic relating to the Internet. Not only is it well organized and comprehensive, it is written in a wonderfully clear and readable style. This book is a signficant contribution to the literature about communicating on the Internet. I am recommending it to everyone I know, except for our competitors."
-- Bob Novick
Impulse Research

"Publicity on the Internet is great. I have read the first 4 chapters but I can safely say I enjoy it so much I can hardly stand it."
-- Susannah Breslin
Postfeminist Playground

"Your book is fabulous, even to my jaded eyes. I have written two books on marketing and publicity, been in the field more than twenty years, and have been marketing online successfully for over two years. I learned more in the first fifteen minutes I spent with Publicity on the Internet--and not just raw knowledge but directly useful information--than in reading several other Internet business books all the way through. All I can say is, Bravo!"
-- Shel Horowitz
Author, Marketing Without Megabucks

"I've been on the Internet for nine years, and been doing Web stuff for the last two, so I am somewhat jaded, particularly about books on marketing & PR on the Internet. Yours is the first I've seen which really makes sense from both sides."
-- Janet Perry
Partner, Vision Interacitve

"I can't thank you enough for all I've learned in your book."
-- David Hawthorne
Marketing Consultant

"Wow! Congrats are in order for that fabulous book that you've written on Internet publicity. I've been helping my clients to do many of the things that you wrote about and those techniques do work."
-- Monique Harris
Marketing Moguls

"Your book is an excellent handbook for the incredibly hazy (and immature) internet industry."
-- Todd Faulls
Scientific American

"What a book!! Publicity on the Internet is outstanding. Great information, no fat. It has helped me get new business and raised my level of competence in the industry."
-- Martin Walker
MK Walker Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

"This book ought to be read by anyone who wants to really understand what the Internet can and can't do."
-- Steven Schragis
Publisher, Carol Publishing Group

"I have finished reading your book. Thanks for all the information. I bought another copy for my internet manager and informed him that this was the program we will be following from now on."
-- Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson

"The Internet has many discriminating audiences with well honed b.s. detectors. To get their attention you need to know what you're doing. This concise guide tells you what you need to know and conveys Steve O'Keefe's many years of experience. Take advantage of them and the Internet will still respect you in the morning."
-- Gareth Branwyn
contributing writer, Wired
senior editor bOING bOING
co-author of Mosaic Quick Tour and Internet Power Toolkit

"I just wanted to let you know that I think your book is great. I have been online for the last four years and have learned a lot of things but your book opened my eyes to some new techniques for promoting online."
-- Jim Kaplan
Author of The Auditor's Guide to Internet Resources

"I am very impressed with your approach to publicity issues on the Internet. I am incorporating links to your site and to your book in my Internet-delivered course, Training On The Internet."
-- David L. Passmore
Penn State University

"I am currently reading your book and it has been tremendously useful to me. Great job!"
-- Everett Tackett
Kaufer Miller Communications

"What a terrific book! I looked over every Internet marketing book in the store (they had 7) and Publicity on the Internet was by far the best one."
-- Jim Clary

"I'd like to compliment you on your fantastic book Publicity on the Internet. I work in a PR company in Barcelona (Spain) and your book could be very useful to me. Thank you very much for your wonderful labour."
-- Josep López

"GREAT job!! Looks like you understand what Internet marketing is all about..."
-- Wendy McClelland
Biz Resource Site

"I bought your book the week it came out. I love it tremendously. My business partner borrowed it and didn't leave his house until he finished it and now he won't give it back!"
-- Ben Sawyer
Computer Book Cafe

"I Love your book. It's a well written, well structured book that gets right to the point very clearly."
-- Leo Sheiner

"Amazing book!!! I'm going to read every word 10 times."
-- Matthew Hockin

"A note of thanks for writing Publicity on the Internet. I used it in my class, COMM 350/Intro to PR, at Wichita State University this past semester."
-- Maggie Chamberlin, APR

"Just in case no one has done it, and even though I know you'll make money on your book, THANK YOU for doing this. I will mention it in my newsletter."
-- Kristin Zhivago
Editor, Marketing Technology

People Hate It!

"...it is obvious that O'Keefe knows how to use publicity to good effect since what he has convinced Wiley to publish (and, presumably, readers to buy) is a 400 page pamphlet advertising his services."
-- Robert M. Slade

"When I read this book, I got mad. That damn Steve O'Keefe had written the book I wanted to write! This is, by far, the best nuts-and-bolts explanation of what goes into a successful online campaign I have seen to date. RECOMMENDATION: run to your local book store and buy a copy."
-- Richard Hoy
Moderator, Online Advertising Discussion List

"I like his words. His site is very credible, and he sounds like he knows what he's doing... I hate him."
-- Jon Sisk

"As I began reading this book, I thought: oh no, not another book on marketing on the Internet. However, the more I read, the more I liked what O'Keefe has put together. If you can use Eudora, you can design some pretty effective marketing campaigns. O'Keefe has some solid practical suggestions here, including how to search the web for places that have inbound links to your site, how to register with the various search engines, and how to use email to avoid spamming."
-- David Strom
Web Informant

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