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    Recent Additions

    Online Newsrooms
    By Steve O'Keefe, July 2002
    This article covers discusses what should and should not be included in a corporate online newsroom, including how to handle contact information, basic content, advanced content, and cutting-edge stuff. Includes links to resources. Originally appeared in the magazine, Executive Update.

    Eight Ways to Promote Your Writing Online
    By Time Bete, April 2002
    Tips for authors about building a web site, driving traffic to the site, analyzing site traffic, finding paying gigs, syndication, and networking. Bete is the co-director of the Erma Bombecks Writers' Workshop.

    What Your Link Request Should Contain and Why
    By Eric Ward, November 2000
    How to request a link to your site from someone else's site -- and how *not* to.

    Articles from PR News by Steve O'Keefe.

    Using E-mail Filters
    December, 1998
    How to use filters to wade through the flood of e-mail you receive every day.

    Ken Starr is Ruining My Life, Too
    November, 1998
    Publicizing a crisis online -- what to do and why it's important to your site.

    Can We Chat?
    October, 1998
    A quick look at the current state of the celebrity chat industry online, including links to several important chat-related sites.

    New Media Contacts
    September, 1998
    A handy guide to media contacts on the Internet: who they are, why they're important, and how to get a hold of them.

    Archive of older articles about online marketing by Steve O'Keefe.

    Online Publicity for Authors
    A special article for authors who want to know what they can do to promote their own books online without spending a fortune.

    Book Publicity on the Internet
    A basic primer including news releases, announcements, discussion group postings, signatures, etc.

    E-Mail Basics
    Sort of a Eudora Power User's Manual. Preparing copy for electronic delivery, managing mailing lists, using nicknames, etc.

    The Art of the Free Sample
    Still the best online marketing technique: give away a free sample and hope they buy. Here's exactly how to do it.

    Getting Ready for Chat
    Unimpressed with chat? Join the club. But there's a reason chats are so popular, and there are ways to make them pay.

    Internet Demographics
    There are more recent statistics available, but the issues discussed in this article remain as relevant as ever.

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